History Professor in the Jazz Band: A Humanist Ponders the Arts

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Playing jazz while towering over Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline from the 94th floor observation deck in Hancock Center is an experience that is difficult to describe. It’s certainly not an experience I expected to have – until a surprise opening and a chance conversation converted me, a History professor, into a tenor sax player in the Drury University Jazz Ensemble. I dragged the old ax out of the closet, released the dust and…

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The Meaning of Life

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Isn’t it ironic that the most important question, the question every single person must answer in choices if not in words, is the question most of us feel unqualified to answer? I refer, of course, to (read the following words in movie-theater-preview-style stentorian bass) THE MEANING OF LIFE. Along with rocket science — unfairly maligned, perhaps, but that’s a topic for a Sciences blog — it’s a pursuit we consider so abstruse and impractical that…

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