How human are you? Being human through creative potential

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This semester, I’ve encountered two definitions of “what it means to be human.” One was from my Literature & Ethics class, where we discussed that humans are the only animals that tell stories, and so that narratives and living our lives through stories is an essential part of being human. The other definition was during our Revolutionary Humanities Reading Group, where we read and discussed Michael Pollan’s Cooked, where Pollan makes the claim that we…

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Words and Prose in Contemporary Art

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I divide myself between multiple hobbies and critical interests; however, one of my greatest loves is undoubtedly literature, which is a large part of why I’m an English major. But some of my other artistic interests offer challenging competition to prose, namely movies and television, graphic novels and comic books, and an even younger neophyte, interactive media (you know, videogames) (Yes, they’re art. Get over it.) In the rise of these other art forms, literature…

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The Value of a Traitor

Last Friday, the Humanities House hosted members of the Latino Writers Collective from Kansas City. José Faus, Gabriella Lemmons, and Miguel Morales spoke about diversity and read some amazing poetry. It was awesome to hear so many references to my hometown, KC, and each of the writers offered different perspectives and advice about life and writing careers. The humanities always get criticized for their lack of “practical application.” It’s tempting for us to act like…

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