Child Slaves and Chocolate

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With Valentine’s Day having come and gone, many of us are rushing to the store to get chocolate at massively reduced prices. With 50-70 percent of the price knocked off, it’s practically a steal to load up on those no longer relevant heart shaped boxes of chocolatey deliciousness. But what do we really know about what it takes to mass produce this hot commodity? The not so happy answer to that question: lot of child…

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Halloween, Women, and Sexy Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, costume ideas have been on a lot of people’s minds. While there is a plethora of possibilities out there for men, women are boxed into the “sexy” Halloween costume corner. I checked out the Top Costumes category for women and men, on Party City’s website and I was pretty let down by what I found. Of the 50 plus costumes designated “Top Costumes” for women, over half of them fell…

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Les Amo Por Siempre

I’ve been sitting here, freaking out a bit to be honest, wondering what in the world to write my first blog post about. And as I freak out, a voice in the back of my mind says “write about your heroes”. I know this sounds cheesy at first, but the idea keeps nudging at me because of a recent Spanish assignment on the topic. The sad thing is, my heroes never even got the chance…

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