“Stel-lahhhhh!”: Reading A Streetcar Named Desire Today

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My American Literature class just finished our reading of A Streetcar Named Desire. This play was first performed in 1947, and it was produced as a movie in 1951. Whether or not people have read the play or seen a production of it, most will still recognize the famous cry of “Stel-lahhhhh!” that echoes in pop-culture references (Williams 41). Even if Stanley’s plea doesn’t ring any bells, most individuals will recognize the renowned play solely…

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The Power of a Letter in a Digital Age

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A dreary day passed while I went from class to class. I trekked through the rain as it fell out of the sky and bounced off the pavement under my shoes. I journeyed past rows of cars covered in water droplets and over newly formed streams rushing before sidewalks. Closing in on my destination, I climbed up the stairs of my new porch and stepped into the shelter of the house. There I found an…

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