Les Amo Por Siempre

I’ve been sitting here, freaking out a bit to be honest, wondering what in the world to write my first blog post about. And as I freak out, a voice in the back of my mind says “write about your heroes”. I know this sounds cheesy at first, but the idea keeps nudging at me because of a recent Spanish assignment on the topic. The sad thing is, my heroes never even got the chance…

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The Value of a Sad Story

It seems I have the honor of writing the first blog post for the year from the Humanities House residents. So, to keep things light I’d like to talk about why I enjoy fiction that others might find depressing. The response I usually get from people when I tell them I like “sad stuff” is confusion, because “there is enough sadness in the world already.” Some people I talk to try to avoid gloomy stories…

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The Super Bowl and the Role of Excellence

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As an inspiring thinker, I have an odd tendency to think about topics that are a bit commonplace and try to relate them to deeper matters. Some of you may know this, but I’m a pretty huge fanatic of most professional sports and so naturally, the Super Bowl has plagued my thoughts recently. In many of the conversations I have, people expectedly are rooting for either the Patriots or Seahawks this coming Sunday and while…

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