Finding a Family on Campus

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One of the first things a potential Drury student hears about is the amazing variety of clubs and organizations that the university has to offer. From DVC (Drury Volunteer Corps) to the DUkes, Drury offers over 100 different types of organizations that appeal to all sorts of people. While this is one of the many wonderful things about Drury, it can also be intimidating. All of those options can seem overwhelming from the outside looking…

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No Country for Old Concepts: Hell or High Water

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I grew up watching Westerns. John Wayne was my hero, and Rio Bravo to this day is probably my favorite movie. I had the plastic cap-gun six shooters that, in retrospect, might literally get me shot if I had them today. I loved Westerns not just for the heroes and the villains and the standoffs, but because there was a certain level of self-consciousness you could expect from them. They knew exactly what they were…

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The Power of a Letter in a Digital Age

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A dreary day passed while I went from class to class. I trekked through the rain as it fell out of the sky and bounced off the pavement under my shoes. I journeyed past rows of cars covered in water droplets and over newly formed streams rushing before sidewalks. Closing in on my destination, I climbed up the stairs of my new porch and stepped into the shelter of the house. There I found an…

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