2014 – 2015 Thinking Aloud Series


As its name suggests, the ‘Thinking Aloud” series was created as a space for colleagues in the Humanities division to take time to think out loud about current issues in teaching and research. In coming together as a division for these conversations, faculty work to transcend their disciplines and continue a longstanding tradition of seeking answers and approaches to a variety of issues faced today in the humanities. We invite students, staff, alumni, and the local community to join our efforts to keep the humanities tradition vibrant and relevant to today’s problems.


Schedule for 2014-15

Thursday, September 4, 11:00am:

Karen Craigo and Jo VanArkel, “Red Flags and Trigger Warnings: Navigating a Writing Minefield”

Whether we are reading work by other authors or conducting peer reviews of student writing in class, the unexpected can bring strong reactions. The element of surprise is crucial to good writing, but some surprises take the form of a nasty, or even traumatizing, shock. This session will focus primarily on the hot topic of trigger warnings: are they advisable or necessary in a literature or writing class? It will also take up the issue of red flags in student writing (such as those noted in the writing of Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter). But how do these concerns about content affect creativity and free expression? Please attend prepared to participate in an interactive group discussion on these compelling topics.


Thursday, November 6, 11:00am:

Patrick Moser, “”The Best Thing About Research Is Finding What I Didn’t Expect.”

How do we get students interested in research? How can we in the humanities collaborate on research projects with our students? After reviewing a few strategies that have worked for me in the past, I’d like to open the topic up and find out what strategies have worked for instructors to get their students interested in research, as well as ideas instructors have for collaborative research projects with their students.


Thursday, February 5, 11:00am: Kevin Henderson, “Teaching with Film”


Thursday, March 5, 11:00am: Hue-Ping Chin, “Teaching with Images”

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