Thinking Aloud Discussion Series

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“The ‘Thinking Aloud’ series is where faculty share their working ideas about teaching, research, and the assessment of student learning with one another. These sessions feature cutting-edge research and robust scholarly dialogue.  By coming together as a Humanities division for these conversations, the faculty are working to transcend their disciplines and continue the humanities tradition, seeking to answer the most profound and deepest questions about human nature. We invite students, staff, alumni, and the local community to join our efforts to keep the humanities tradition vibrant and relevant to today’s problems.

Each meeting of the Thinking Aloud Series focuses on one of the following four areas of interest:

  1. Pedagogy/Assessment. A faculty member advances an idea/experiment in this area.
  2. Scholarship. A faculty member presents an idea/work in progress for feedback.
  3. BIG Questions. A question, topic, or concern relevant to the Humanities (e.g. “How do we get students to read?”) is proposed in advance and discussed by the group.


Schedule Spring 2014

The first sessions started in August of 2013. We continue the series in Spring of 2014, with the following schedule:


1/29, Wednesday @12pm, Assessment“Affective Assessments: Utilizing Emotion Theory in Literature and Writing Courses”, Kevin Henderson (English)


2/4, Tuesday @12pm, Assessment, Katie Gilbert (English), “What does she want in this paper?: The challenge of developing rubrics without killing creativity”

2/19, Wednesday @ 12pm, BIG Questions in the Humanities, Elizabeth Nichols (Spanish), “Blonde Jokes and Hillary Clinton: Beauty and Worth.”


3/12, Wednesday @12pm, Research, Chris Panza (Philosophy) on “Would Confucius Approve of Sports Doping?”


4/8, Tuesday @3pm, Research – Katie Gilbert (English), “The Ties that Bind and The Ties that Blind: Family and Property in George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss

4/16, Wednesday @12pm, BIG Questions in the Humanities with Peter Meidlinger (Associate VP of Undergraduate Studies)


5/6, Tuesday @12pm, Research with Elizabeth Nichols (Spanish): “Chica Cosmo: Cosmetics, Masks and Beauty Armor in Contemporary Latin American Literature.”