An Open Letter from Student Kris Rose, Drury Student and National Debate Champion

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My name is Kris Rose. I am a member of the Drury debate union and we spent this past week winning the national championship debate tournament, a tournament that was won last year by the West Point Military Academy. My incredible partner, Ameran Link, and I went undefeated to bring home the national championship. Add to this, our squad was named the number one varsity debate squad in the nation. I, along with all of…

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Random Insights on College Life from Dr. Moser’s English 207 Class

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This post is a shared effort. Dr. Patrick Moser asked his Expository Writing students to create writing responses based on a series of short prompts related to their time at Drury.  This writing moves in an experimental direction, one in which we see a version of collaboration within the Humanities classroom. “The Most Romantic Thing” by Morgan Piotraschke (Advertising, Public Relations) “And of course, there’s a good chance you’ll meet your husband or wife while you’re here.” That’s what…

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At the Table: The Importance of a Meal

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When I was a child, my mother and I ate dinner at the dining room table each evening. Sometimes we would have lively conversations; other times we would sit in comfortable silence. Slowly, as I grew older, we began to eat more meals on the living room couch. My mother and I would sit in front of the television instead of having a conversation. Sitting and not communicating was a way to destress after our…

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Time to be Heroes Again: What Media Teaches us (and We Teach It) About Our Values

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I grew up loving my country. I loved the traditions, and the landscapes and the values: knowing that we were the “good guys.” I loved that we, as a nation, would do the right thing, even if it was the harder thing. ’Cause we were the good guys! Remember?   And what was the right thing? Well… value people over money. To take care of the weak. To defend honesty and decency. To give everybody…

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