Medieval Prestige at Drury

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One of the most complicated aspects of being a medievalist is that the term “Middle Ages” frequently brings to mind the most toxic connotations. In September the Middle Ages found center stage at the presidential debates when Trump claimed “medieval ISIS” as America’s worst fear, and later suggested that ISIS’s beheadings, and other extreme horrors, were indicative of “medieval times.” In the same week HBO’s John Oliver claimed that women in the Middle Ages had…

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“Gender-Bending” Chemicals, Science-for-Hire, and Philosophy

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In 2011, I was a first-year philosophy graduate student at the University of Minnesota. I was taking a philosophy of biology course focused on the topic of evolutionary developmental biology, or evo-devo. As I was trying to think of a good term paper topic, I came across the story of Tyrone Hayes, a UC Berkeley biologist. In the late 1990s, Hayes was looking at the effects of the herbicide, atrazine, on frog development in partnership…

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Digital Humanities and the Future of Political History

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In a recent New York Times editorial, historians Fredrik Logevall and Kenneth Osgood lament the decline of traditional political history as print outlets and universities move to privilege scholars and scholarship that emphasize political change from the “bottom up.” Yet whether one aligns with the Logevall and Osgood call for more “traditional” political history or with those who focus on the contributions of historically underrepresented groups, the print mediums historians use to address and document…

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Circumstantial Humanism: The Photographic Image

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When I am going through a difficult situation I often turn to art to lift my spirits. For me powerful works of art challenge and often comfort me by reminding me that I am not alone in the essential qualities that make us human: fear, loss, joy, or desires that provide us with ability to sympathize with others and acknowledge our own humanity. This past December my brothers and I sold our parent’s house that…

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