5 things you learn as a philosophy major

You say, “I don’t see the point of philosophy. It’s just a bunch of confusing nonsense that doesn’t actually do anything except turn you into a pretentious atheist-communist-nihilist. If you get a philosophy degree, the only thing you can do is rant about obscure theories to kids who have been suckered into paying to hear you ramble.” I usually say, “Please stop talking to me. Go, naïve bourgeois, stay the hand of introspection and disillusionment:…

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Frank Lloyd Wright + Walt Whitman – New America?

I write to you on this beautiful first day of Autumn where the temperature is a brisk 52 degrees and the pugs start waking up with cute sniffles. What a more fitting theme to write about than nature? As the leaves change colors we begin to contemplate life and what will happen to us as the seasons change. Will we grow fat as we hibernate and bundle up for the winter? Will our grow to…

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Why the Humanities Rocks: A Personal Narrative

1006176_10151520807002901_1211978318_n (1)Let’s face it. As humanities majors, teachers, lovers, etc., we’ve got it rough. The moment I announced that I was majoring in philosophy and religion, I was bombarded with questions about my life choices. There are politicians with questionable morals who have faced considerably less verbal onslaught than me.

Here’s a conversation that I have at least once a week:

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