Communicating Communication

There’s a debate in the academic community. Actually, that’s a lie. There are several debates. More than you can shake a stick at. If you chopped down all of Drury’s trees and turned them into sticks, you would still be ill-equipped with the stick-shaking situation.

I see I’ve digressed.

The debate regards the field of communication. Should it be classified in the humanities division, or does it belong with the likes of business administration? The answer varies, depending on whose opinion you’re interested in. My take? The field of communication can’t be classified anywhere but the humanities. It is based intrinsically on human experience–their interests, their attitudes, their abilities and desires to receive and process messages, their interactions with others, even their neuroses. If you take the respect for the human experience out of the study of communication, what are you left with? Baseless theories, ad campaigns targeting no one, and the least user-friendly websites you ever did see. What we do is based on you, my constituents.

One of the best things about Drury’s Department of Communication is its willingness to connect with other disciplines. Dr. Regina Waters, our department chair, flies over the moon when her undergraduate ducklings double-major in English or minor in Women & Gender Studies, or when majors from other departments add a minor in Communication. She recognizes the fluidity of her discipline. It pairs well with anything, like a fine wine or Kate Winslet.

The students recognize this too. It’s rare to find someone who is a Communication major, period, end of degree. People extend their fields of study to add psychology, theatre, French, political science, writing, music, or any number of other things into their individual academic mix. Communication is the adhesive that binds it all together. It’s integral. It needs you and, believe it or not, you need it. So let’s sit together and people-watch and try to figure out the world. Get comfy. It could take awhile.


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