A statement from members of the Drury Community who stand with refugees and immigrants

A group of Syrians arrives on Lesvos after sailing on an inflatable raft from Turkey. Photograph by Andrew McConnell/Panos
The New Yorker

We, the undersigned members of the Drury University community, stand by our Muslim students, colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

We abhor the executive order signed by the president, January 27, 2017 – which suspends the entry of all refugees to the U.S. for 120 days; stops the admission of refugees from Syria indefinitely; bars entry of immigrants and refugees into the United States for 90 days from seven predominantly Muslim countries; and imposes a religious test on those seeking admission to the United States – as illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral.

We stand on the principles professed in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the constitutions of the 50 states, subsequent statutes, laws, and judicial decisions, and in the founding documents of Drury University: namely, that the freedom of expression and the freedom to worship are inalienable rights that are and ought to be protected and preserved for all peoples.

We call on the members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the members of the U.S. Senate to engage their authority as the representatives of the American people and to force a repeal of this illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral executive action.

Angie Adamick

Jeanie Allen

Don Ameye

Marshall Arne

Michelle Arnold

David Beach

Sherry Beasley

Holly Binder

Cathy Blunk

Katherine Bohnenkamper

Stephen Bomgardner

Greg Booker

Chris Branton

Mike Brothers

Peter Browning

Cheryl Bruette

Jana Bufkin

Kim Burnette

Bruce Callen

Kathy Carroll

Nancy Chikaraishi

Hue-Ping Chin

Tina Claussen

Penny Clayton

Asikaa Cosgrove

Brian Cunningham

Lisa Davis

Don Deeds

Rebecca Denton

Dave Derossett

Barbi Dickensheet

Koree Dickson

Chelsey Dollarhide

Drury Allies

Leah Dwyer

Casey Dye

Valerie Eastman

Laurie Edmondson

Kerstin Ellis

Emillie Ellison

Frank Fay

Rob Fridge

Elizabeth Gackstetter Nichols

Ivan Garnica

Jay Garrott

Katie Gilbert

David Goldberg

Sheri Gray

Jonathan Groves

Alexis Guth

Ryan Haas

Robert Hanson

Vicki Harrold

Keith Hedges

Kevin Henderson

Rachael Herrington

Mimi Hilburg

Sarah Hinman

Brant Hinrichs

Phyllis Holzenberg

Teresa Hornsby

Yong Huang

Charlyn Ingwerson

Sarah Jones

Christopher Koch

Albert Korir

Erin Kenny

Kevin Kropf

Anjanette LaBellarte-Gilbert

Justin Leinaweaver

Panos Leventis

Jane Lindsey

Jennie Long

Todd Lowery

Vickie Luttrell

Madhuri Manpadi

Brandon Mattox

Rick Maxson

Patricia McEachern

Midge McGee

Peter Meidlinger

Rebecca Miller

Robin Miller

Ashley Morris

Mitch Morrissey

Bruce Moore

Jen Moore

Patrick Moser

Steve Mullins

Judi Murphy

Beth Nichols

Gregory Ojakangas

Elizabeth Paddock

Ashley Parnell

Katie Pearson

Pi Sigma Alpha, Omega 

  Eta Chapter

Dan Ponder

Carol Pope

Ioana Popescu

Jack Powers

Morgan Presley

Janis Prewitt

Barbara Quas

James Reynolds

Bob Robertson

Tim Robbins

Thomas Russo

Emma Ruzicka

Maurizio Sabini

Melody Sanders

Robin Schraft

Rich Schur

Carlyle Sharpe

Brian Shipman

Sonja Shipman

Scott Sigman

Jennifer Silva Brown

James Simmerman

Scott Simmons

Teresa Skidmore

Alexis Slyter

Jarrod Smith

Tony Smith

Mick Sokol

Traci Sooter

Allin Sorenson

Karen Spence

Robin Sronce

Susannah Stokes

Rebecca Stone

Emily Sturgess Cleek

Ryan Swan

Kelley Still Nichols

Bonnie Tabor

Charles Taylor

Lisa Tessier

Lindsay Tobin

Jacqueline Tygart

Mary Utley

Ted Vaggalis

Jo Van Arkel

Jeff VanDenBerg

Brian Vanne

Kristie Vincent

Jackie Warren

Regina Waters

Don Weber

Doris Weber

Robert Weddle

Saundra Weddle

Jeffrey Wells

Blaine Whisenhunt

Kris Wiley

Debby Williams

Ed Williamson

Micha Willis

Natalie Wlodarczyk

Shelley Wolbrink

Michael York


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