Librarians on Horseback & The New Deal: A Fascinating History

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It’s one of the staples of a high school history education, and one of the most widely known pieces of reform in America’s history—Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ plan. Roosevelt’s vision included a host of public works projects, public reforms, and regulations in an attempt to stabilize the United States economy as a response to the Great Depression. The creation of basic programs—roads, Social Security, Wall Street reform, aid for farmers—are all familiar to the most…

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HEC Student Competition, Third Place: Olivia Thompson on “La Marioneta”

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This spring, we held our first Humanities & Ethics Center Student Competition. We invited Drury students to submit a reflection, of no more than 300 words, on a record of the human experience that has affected them.   A “record” here could come from any of the following categories: books,  films, essays, historical objects, religious texts & objects,  artworks & digital media, languages and cultures, authors, philosophers, religious or historical figures, monuments, or memorials. During four…

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