HumCasts: Videos

movie camera

Earlier this year we created and started a program that we called “HumCasts”. The basic idea behind HumCasts is simple – we hoped to get professors from the Humanities on video to talk a little about what they do. This year, with the help of Brian Shipman and JaeLynn Ellison (working in the Carole Lambert Studios), we succeeded in getting professors in the Humanities  (Kevin Henderson, Katie Gilbert, Patricia McEachern, Chris Panza, Curt Gilstrap, and Heidi Backes) to talk on film briefly about their own “corner” of the Humanities.

Over time, the basic idea behind HumCasts started to change and morph into something a bit different. In addition to the more professional videos we’ve made, we’d also like to broaden HumCasts so that they include privately made “low-tech” videos (“video-logs” or “vlogs”). So we’ll throw out the pitch to all you readers out there. Would you be willing to make a short video of yourself (under 5 minutes) in which you talk about something in the Humanities that is meaningful to you, or a memory of a Humanities related experience, or a connection you forged with a professor, or a class that you found interesting, or even about just an idea or subject within the Humanities that is special to you. Perhaps the Humanities has played a role in your career, or in your life. Would you be willing to talk about that for a few minutes?

If you have something to say, and are willing to film it (you could use your laptop webcam, or even a phone, if it has good recording capacity) – we’ll post it here at Human, All-too-Human. This is your chance to be creative, and celebrate the Humanities with us at Drury!




CURT GILSTRAP (Communication)

CHRIS PANZA (Philosophy)