Sharing is Caring/Caring is Sharing

emeliaThe importance of sharing was one of the first lessons we learned in school. Mastering math, penmanship, and the food chain would all come with time. But sharing was an essential and immediate element of our early academic success. There were many facets of the sharing, from not hogging all the crayons to not hogging your understanding of how to do an art project when your neighbor did not. It wasn’t just sharing of physical things, it was sharing knowledge. Even in kindergarten, we were collaborating with each other academically.

We aren’t in kindergarten anymore, but we still need to share. We especially need to share our knowledge. That’s one of the beauties of the humanities–we’re built upon sharing. We don’t exist in a vacuum. Our fields of study intertwine in our communication and collaboration with one another. We can’t, or shouldn’t, hoard our knowledge because, without discussing what we’ve learned or what we struggle with, it could easily stagnate. And that’s not what we want.

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