WIP with the HEC: Fall 2019

The HEC’s Works in Progress (WIP) series provides students with the opportunity to learn more about what faculty in the Humanities do when they are not in the classroom. This series also gives Humanities faculty an informal setting in which to share their research and writing, and to discuss how it sits at the intersection of passion and profession.

Our first year of the series consisted of two talks in Fall 2019.

Tuesday, October 8, at Noon / Harwood Reading Room in Olin Library
Dr. Chris Panza. “How is Open-Mindedness a Virtue?”
A look at the recent scholarship on the virtue of open-mindedness not only reveals little agreement on how to define this commonly referenced character trait, but also leaves us with a few unsolved dilemmas. After providing a brief examination of the current literature, I’ll suggest that a turn to an ancient eastern Chinese perspective might help; specifically, that a 4th century BCE Confucian, Xunzi, can help us to provide a definition that settles the conflicts and resolves the dilemmas.

Tuesday, November 5, at Noon / Harwood Reading Room in Olin Library
Dr. Charlyn Ingwerson. “Maternal Criticism: Reading to Change the World.”
Literature and critical activity in literature are vital to revolutionary shifts in cultural perspective. Dr. Ingwerson advocates for Maternal Criticism, activity in literature that recognizes the authority of those who mother, who resist violence, who respond to the demands of vulnerability and work toward building sustainable peaceful communities. Dr. Ingwerson demonstrates a Maternal Critical approach in a text by Palestinian writer Sahar Khalifeh.