What Are Humanities?

Until a few days ago, I didn’t really understand what areas of study the humanities included. Whenever I thought of humanities, pictures of a student in a library would appear or even videos of the docile Manatee swimming lazily in the ocean. Why on earth would a Manatee appear in my head? Maybe because I thought it was called a “Humanity” before I googled it; or perhaps because they are related to the Elephant, one of the wisest creatures of them all. Their memories span further than many human beings, recognizing over two hundred different individuals. How would you like to remember every person you ever met or remember all the information to any class you have ever taken?

The definitions for the broad term “humanity” are being human and the human race. Along human race comes culture and intertwined within culture are different human connections. These connections are made through writing, religion, history, communication, ethics, psychology, philosophy, music, and in some cases art. Essentially, the Humanities are what connect everything. Without the humanities, where would life stand? Would there even be a culture?

Like everything, the humanities are often taken for granted. Perhaps because it occurs all the time and people don’t even realize it. Some of simplest tasks involve the humanities. The thoughts you develop in your head even boil down to some division of humanities. Diving deeper into just simple knowledge of humanities is essential to understanding what they really are. A major in one of the humanities could open a world of doors that you didn’t even know existed. Also, improving humanity-oriented knowledge and skill will increase your chances of getting a higher paying job. It is a win-win situation in almost any case.



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